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  Mission Matrix

  The company operates on a three-fold Mission Matrix: Service Mission, Economic Mission and Values Mission.  This Mission Matrix comprises the locus of registration/reference/valuation points for decision-making, strategic thinking and performance metrics, i.e., how we decide what to do and how we measure success.

Among the key elements of Values Mission are  a) aiming for three generations of success,  b) maintaining balanced life styles,  and c)  meeting family priorities.

Within the Values Mission are eight (so far) Ironco covenants for high performance teaming:
1. No one fails alone, no secrets.
2. We tell the truth, zero tolerance for dishonesty.
3. Brother's keeper, we look out for our teammates.
4. Keep our word, say what we mean, do what we say.
5. No panic, keep our heads, roll up our sleeves.
6. Pride in self-improvement, setting high standards.
7. Unselfish, care about each other.
8. No growth without conflict, surface the disagreements.  (But not "nit picking" or "picking the scabs.")

  Vision (what we strive to be)
 "We are a performance community where commitment generates excellence in all that we do."

Purpose (how we make a difference in the market place)
"Engineering value in all circumstances wherever possible."

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